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Before Making a Complaint

By: Thomas Muller - Updated: 23 Nov 2017 | comments*Discuss
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Before making a complaint it is important to think clearly about what has provoked it, what is to be done and what outcome it deserves, otherwise the intended effect of the complaint might be lost.

What Prompted the Complaint?

Once having decided that a complaint is the necessary step to take then the next move is to consider what prompted the decision in the first place. It is crucial to be clear in the mind why one is dissatisfied so that the problem can be successfully conveyed to the recipient. Was it the rude service, the substandard product, the overcharging?

If the root of the cause is not well defined, then it too easy for a complaint to veer into sounding like an emotional rant. This increases the likelihood that it will not be taken seriously and that the complaint will be a waste of time.

Those people who deal with the public on a regular basis are commonly confronted by objectionable people who are more interested in loudly expressing their dissatisfaction than getting a resolution. An ill thought out complaint, particularly one not delivered in a calm and collected manner, could easily sound like such familiar ravings and be similarly dismissed.

What is the Intended Outcome?

An equally important consideration when making a clear and effective complaint is what the complainant hopes to achieve by making it. Do they want compensation, an apology or replacement goods?

If a complaint sounds like it has no purpose then the more it sounds like an aimless grumble, and the less likely it is to be taken seriously. A complaint is a protest and a demand of prompt action and should be undertaken with the aim focused in the mind. The aim should also be fair and realistic otherwise it will lower the chances of getting just conclusion.

Calm and Collected

A complainant should consider their attitude before taking action. It is crucial to remain calm and collected at all times, however the recipient behaves. Getting angry will never help solve any problem and only succeed in confusing the situation. It is always harder to think clearly when in an emotional state.

If complainants adopt a fair but firm business-like attitude, they should expect a similarly professional response. An angry attack will only ever achieve an equally heated response or the intimidation of the recipient, and when they are rarely responsible for the problem or have the authority to take action, this is somewhat inappropriate. The complainant should also consider that most people dealing with the complaint will want to solve it as much as they do.

Preparing the Proof

So that the complaint can be dealt with as efficiently as possible it is crucial to beforehand collect as many details as possible relating to the case.

These details could include the date and time of the incident, the name of anyone involved and any receipts, letters or associated paperwork. If it is appropriate, such when an item is damaged, then it is increasingly common for people to take photographs to use as evidence. All of these items will add weight to a complaint and increase the chances that it will be taken seriously and resolved accordingly.

The Manner of Complaint

The complainant must also consider the manner of their complaint. Should it be done in person, by letter, telephone or email?

Some believe that direct confrontation either in person or on the phone is the key to direct action whilst others think that a letter, although slower, has a more resounding impact because it is hard written evidence that is harder to ignore. Others favour a combination of both.

The manner of complaint is however often dictated by the area being addressed. Different sectors have different complaint procedures in place to effectively deal with any problems. For instance a customer unhappy with their badly designed toaster will pursue different avenues of complaint to someone who is being chased for a debt they haven’t accrued. Many companies, particularly the larger firms, have an official complaints procedure or department in place.

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kdc - 23-Nov-17 @ 10:56 PM
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Lisey - 6-Jun-17 @ 8:18 AM
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